We are Mosaic America

Building cohesive communities through intercultural arts and dialogue.

Every Place is a mosaic


Mosaic America works with culture-bearers, local artists, and community leaders to identify, represent, and engage with cultures collaboratively, inclusively, exhaustively, and continually in order to create a compelling vision of a shared future. At its core, our work weaves through the forgotten, remembered, and desired journeys in and of a specific Place, by understanding and welcoming the community that have made their home there: Every Place is a mosaic.

We believe that the viable pathway to being an American today is to show up as we are; to keep and make place for each other, with none of us having to shed any part of our history, identity, or culture in order to “assimilate.” Our American stories now have to begin with authentic representation, where each new page is informed by an intent to understand and include, each chapter holds the promise of a shared future, and every new story delivers on it.


As agents of change through the arts, Mosaic America wouldn’t be where it is today without the partnership of like-minded organizations. Thanks to these partners, we are able to continue supporting local artists and catalyze inclusion in the many communities of Silicon Valley.