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Mosaic America strengthens communities, cultivates belonging, and catalyzes inclusion through inter-cultural and co-created cultural experiences.



Americans tend to recognize or disown part or all of our history. Each of us sees our future in a specific color (red, blue, brown, black, white). Most of us prioritize a hyphenated identity over our American identity.

Mosaic America hopes to address these divisive forces through a movement that propels all of us towards an inclusive and shared future. We aim to do this using the one thing that has the power to unite us all: art.

Throughout the year, Mosaic America hosts multicultural nonprofit art festivals and curated events that cultivate belonging and social cohesion amongst Silicon Valley’s diverse communities.

Every Place is a Mosaic.


Mosaic’s thoughtfully curated programming weaves through the forgotten and remembered journeys in and of a specific Place, presenting living moments that are drawn from all our histories. We work with local artists and community leaders to authentically represent cultures collaboratively and inclusively, to irrevocably cultivate Belonging.

Through the pieces of art created during this process, we uncover threads that connect our different cultures, proving once again that art can unite us.


“Mosaic America is an incredible arts experience for our global population. It strengthens the realization that we are truly “one” despite differences in form or style. This “oneness” is embedded into the fabric of Mosaic America’s performance design.”

Coleen Lorenz
President of Arts Unity Movement non-profit and Artistic Director of NewGround Theatre Dance Company

“In an area known for the quality and diversity of culturally specific dance performance, Sangam Arts (now Mosaic America) is an important conduit for multicultural understanding through the arts”

Māhealani Uchiyama
Founder & Artistic Director, Center for International Dance

“As Chinese American living in the Bay Area, we share so much in common with other cultures, yet often unaware of our similarities. I really appreciate Sangam Arts’ (now Mosaic America) innovative approach in cutting across cultural diversity and knitting together our similarities.”

Hai Yan Jackson
Chinese dancer, Choreographer and teacher

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“请问,这种手工艺是一种墨西哥传统吗?有什么代表意义吗?” 我问坐在桌对面的围着头巾带着口罩的女士,一边学着她的样,把手中的几个不同颜色的小纸条编织在一起,像是用纸在做马赛克一样。“不只是墨西哥的,也是全世界的,是一种共通的艺术表达。你看,每个小纸条原本只有一个颜色,但当我们把它们编织在一起之后,不同的颜色随机组合便传递出一种完全不同的艺术效果。就像我们世界上不同种类的文化,当融合在一起之后也能呈现出不同的生命力。”

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Mosaic in 2023

2022 was the year people came back together and Mosaic provided reasons to show up. By joining us at these events, you were a part of celebrating diversity and catalyzing inclusion. Where is Home For You? For us at Mosaic America, it’s wherever we made community...

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Field Report – Building a	Culture of Belonging

Field Report – Building a Culture of Belonging

Mosaic America fosters intercultural awareness and respect through its artistic programming. The San Francisco Bay Area has a rich diversity of people, despite prevailing media representations of Silicon Valley as the
land of wealthy, white “tech bros.”

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As agents of change through the arts, Mosaic America wouldn’t be where it is today without the partnership of like-minded organizations. Thanks to these partners, we are able to continue supporting local artists and catalyze inclusion in the many communities of Silicon Valley.