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April 22, 2021
From Diversity to Belonging #1
Join us in our first episode of the series, as we partner with CommonWealth Club and With Wings and Roots, and invite leading thinkers to articulate what “belonging” to and in America means.

April 24, 2021
Celebrating Good Trouble
Bay Area local poets LaToya Fernandez, Lisa Rosenberg, musician Ray Furuta, and dancer Urmila Vudali discuss how co-creating art is making “Good Trouble,” inspired by John Lewis. Presented in partnership with NuMu, Los Gatos

May 20, 2021
From Diversity to Belonging #2
This second episode will further explore and build on our core construct that America is a Mosaic, underscoring the need for strengthening multicultural communities.



Americans tend to recognize or disown part or all of our history. Each of us sees our future in a specific color (red, blue, brown, black, white). Most of us prioritize a hyphenated identity over our American identity. Mosaic America hopes to address these divisive forces through a movement that propels all of us towards an inclusive and shared future.

Every mosaic has a Place.


Mosaic’s thoughtfully curated programming weaves through the forgotten and remembered journeys in and of a specific Place, presenting living moments that are drawn from all our histories. We work with local artists and community leaders to authentically represent cultures collaboratively and inclusively, to irrevocably cultivate Belonging.


"Mosaic America is an incredible arts experience for our global population. It strengthens the realization that we are truly “one” despite differences in form or style. This “oneness” is embedded into the fabric of Mosaic America’s performance design."

Coleen Lorenz
President of Arts Unity Movement non-profit and Artistic Director of NewGround Theatre Dance Company

"In an area known for the quality and diversity of culturally specific dance performance, Sangam Arts (now Mosaic America) is an important conduit for multicultural understanding through the arts"

Māhealani Uchiyama
Founder & Artistic Director, Center for International Dance

"As Chinese American living in the Bay Area, we share so much in common with other cultures, yet often unaware of our similarities. I really appreciate Sangam Arts’ (now Mosaic America) innovative approach in cutting across cultural diversity and knitting together our similarities."

Hai Yan Jackson
Chinese dancer, Choreographer and teacher

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