Milina Jovanović

Milina Jovanović is a social scientist, researcher, and community activist. She holds two interdisciplinary master’s degrees and a J. D. Her professional interests and dozens of publications include gender studies, ecofeminism, ethnic studies, sociology of love, history of immigration in the U. S., political history of Yugoslavia, and the U. S. foreign policy. She has more than three decades of research experience.

Milina has worked with numerous immigrant communities in Silicon Valley and beyond. Between 1999 and 2001, she was a member of the researcher team who studied 16 immigrant groups in Santa Clara County. She co-authored and co-edited Bridging Borders in Silicon Valley and KIN: Knowledge of Immigrant Nationalities. For 24 years, she worked with the Office of Immigrant Relations and other County departments. After retiring from the County, she has continued to teach Women’s and Gender Studies at Evergreen Valley College where she joined the program in January of 2019.

Milina is the author of All Roads Lead to Jackson– a book about the history and contributions of Yugoslav Americans in Amador County, California and translator of Serbian Americans: History, Culture, Press. Her hobbies include gardening, herbalism, yoga, traveling, and learning about life from nature and her wise canine companions.

Milina is excited to join the Mosaic America’s enthusiastic team and broaden her research experience to include culture and art.