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Initially founded as Sangam Arts in 2016, Mosaic America is a California-based nonprofit that aims to increase social cohesion through the unique power of arts to bridge communities. We bring together diverse artists and culture bearers to collaborate on performances and events that highlight the common and distinct threads of our American story. By creating free shared intercultural experiences in public spaces, we build belonging and strengthen community.

Mosaic Festival 2021 highlights


Since our founding, Mosaic has presented 250+ local artists representing more than 40 cultural traditions across 50 events to over 20,000 audience members throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.



Mosaic Events & Fellows focuses on live events, either in person or streamed online, often featuring Mosaic Fellows–artists who receive support for the creation of new works through cross-cultural collaboration.


Mosaic Festival is an annual full-day event highlighting the year’s commissioned pieces and work of our partners, situated in a day of belonging and healing through art and expression.


Mosaic Atlas is a mutli-year research initiative to map and understand the cultural makeup of the Bay Area in great detail. Mosaic Atlas is working to identify the rich cultural assets of our region tol expand the ability of organizations and local governments to create more reflective services, programming, and funding that is culturally informed and responsive to smaller communities.

About the Advisory Board

Mosaic is seeking advisory board members who are excited by our vision and are interested to be a part of our rapid growth. We have increasingly strong evidence of the success of our innovative programming models and are looking to expand our network of thought partners and collaborators to create a bigger impact both locally and nationally.


Commitment & Opportunity

We are currently convening our inaugural advisory board, aiming at 12-20 leaders from different sectors, regions, and communities, to be launched Fall 2022.

The primary commitment is to be available to Mosaic staff for periodic feedback via phone or email. Advisory board members should also be open to helping us build relationships in the field through appropriate introductions or recommendations.

We will convene for optional quarterly meetings (virtual) to update advisory board members on Mosaic’s work and to create space to build relationships with one another.  We expect a dynamic group of advisors, and hope that the advisory board members will also become assets to one another’s work and organizations! We are a learning organization that thrives through exchange, and hope advisory board members will feel free to share programming ideas, and innovate together.

THE NEED: Place Based Belonging

Mosaic works in the context of our place–Silicon Valley/Santa Clara County–a region with stark economic inequality and residential segregation, high mobility, many new immigrants. These factors result in not only shallow relationships between communities, but also to U.S. history, identity, and institutions more generally.

Over the last six years, Mosaic has had incredible success in bringing together communities for transformative experiences through our approach to arts programming–commissioning artists who are working in distinct cultural traditions to collaborate on new works, that are presented freely to the community with interactive discussions and workshops. Through this experience, our vision has expanded. We increasingly understand our role as facilitating greater equity and participation in our region by identifying and honoring cultural assets, building bridges between communities and resources, and strengthening individuals’ relationships’ to place. Our vision is not fostering a deeper belonging that includes community members ability to fully to participate and make demands upon our regional institutions.


Usha Srinivasan, President and Founder, usha@mosaicamerica.org

Christina Antonakos-Wallace, Partner & Advisory Board Coordinator, christina@withwingsandroots.com

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Mosaic is a nonprofit organization that strengthens communities, cultivates belonging, and catalyzes inclusion through inter-cultural and co-created art. Our team of artists uses inspiration from their cultures and art forms to collaborate on unique performances and expressions that highlight the common threads of our shared American story.

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