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America continues to grow through continuous immigration; there is perhaps no other region in the world that continues to grow its diversity. Thus, there is an urgency to stem a recurring sense of “other”ness within its neighborhoods, big and small. In recent years, there has been divisive language manifesting nationally, further deepening the exclusion felt by vulnerable groups.
The social and arts landscapes reflects this sense of division, with organizations exclusively focused on presenting their own cultural heritage to their own audiences. Mosaic hopes to mend this fracture through an intercultural cast.

Indeed, the breakdown of a continuous communication between social and cultural ties has led to a diminished appreciation and expectation of shared experiences across communities, reinforcing Otherness. Mosaic America was created as a direct response to address these cultural silos, to create programming that builds solidarity and inclusion at the grassroots level, beginning with authentic representation that cultivates Inclusion, ultimately catalyzing Belonging.

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