Mosaic America’s Arts Festival in Silicon Valley


Celebrate the diversity of our cultures and the unity of our shared human experiences, told through co-created and inter-cultural art forms at Mosaic America’s much-awaited Mosaic Festival in San Jose, California.

Cultivating Belonging Through Art

Mosaic America is a grassroots movement that aims to tell the story of the diverse cultures of Silicon Valley, and echoing their message across California and the United States through commissioned work, collaborative explorations, and art festivals.

Grow Your Love for Art

Mosaic America presents An American Mosaic, an art exhibit curated by Joe Miller, presented in partnership with Works / San Jose and Chopsticks Alley. We’re bringing together artists and enthusiasts, reflecting the culturally diverse communities that represent Silicon Valley.

A Festival for All

Performing Arts

Witness artistic expression live in action with performances by artists from dozens of culturally distinct communities at our Mosaic Festival.

Visual Arts

Walk through our art exhibit curated by Joe Miller featuring the works of artists from and around San Jose and Silicon Valley from September 10, 2021 til our Festival.

Get the Best Experience

We’re encouraging everyone to participate consciously and compassionately.

Radical Inclusion & Belonging – This event is for ALL, no prerequisites. We encourage you to come as you are and show up authentically. We’ve removed any barriers to participation and through the generosity of our partners and sponsors, we’re offering this event free of charge.

We’re working to remove unconscious biases in all aspects of our logistics and programming.

If there are aspects you’d like to contribute or make sure that we’re aware of, please send us a note at and we’ll be sure to get back to you and address your concerns in the name of building a more fun and welcoming event.

Self-Expression – Art corners, photography corners, and programming for dance, chanting, and self-expression will be curated. Bust out your dance moves. Share your story. Radiate your good energy.
Respect – Communities are showing up to share precious pieces of their culture and heritage to create an environment of belonging, healing, and harmony. We ask that we respect each other’s self expression, mindful of our neighbors with whom we will be sharing space.

As one of the first in-person events since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we ask that you engage in consent-based practices to ensure everyone’s comfort in this re-entry period. This includes asking for permission to take someone’s photo and engage in physical contact.

Become a Part of Mosaic America Festivals

At Mosaic America, we welcome every opportunity to have people join us and experience the different forms of art we present.

But being an audience member isn’t the only way to be a part of Mosaic America. You can become a sponsor, a featured artist, a vendor, or a volunteer at one of our multicultural nonprofit art festivals events and festivals.

For Sponsors

Mosaic America would not be able to offer our festivals free of charge without the generosity of our sponsors. Among the organizations that have helped fund Mosaic America are the California Arts Council, the Knight Foundation, and the City of San Jose’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

If you or your organization want to help Mosaic America build a united community founded through the common threads between different cultures and art forms, you can be one of our generous sponsors or donors.

For those who want to sponsor a future event, we’re happy to share our sponsorship packages or customize one for you. Send an email to for further correspondence. If you want to make a straightforward donation to our organization, you can do so over PayPal.

For Artists

At Mosaic America, we love meeting fellow artists and expanding our community. The artists who perform and present their creativity represent the diversity of Silicon Valley and become instruments in starting conversations about identity in America.

If you, your group, or someone you know is interested in being a featured artist in one of our festivals, send an email to for more information. We look forward to having you join us!

For Vendors

Vendors make Mosaic America’s art festivals even more fun and engaging. It’s one of the many reasons we invite them over. Being a vendor at our events also means sharing your brand with the thousands of attendees.

If you want to become a vendor in one of our upcoming art festivals, send an email to for more information.

For Volunteers

We wouldn’t be able to pull off any of our art festivals without the time and effort volunteers generously donate to the organization. Volunteering is a great way to connect with the community and immerse yourself in the different cultures and art forms highlighted in the festivals.

We welcome all kinds of volunteers, including audience-facing, performer-facing, and vendor-facing volunteers.

Mosaic Fellows

Ongoing Projects

Events in 2020

Artists Presented

Festival Sponsors and Partners

Castellano Family Foundation
Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco
Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco
Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco
Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco
Castellano Family Foundation
Castellano Family Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your festivals free?

The Mosaic Festival is completely free! We strive to look for generous grantors and sponsors to give our featured artists support and spread their art and culture through the community.

However, we also feature vendors in the event. This is to help local businesses and artists in the area gain recognition, so you can support them if you’re interested.

Where are your arts festivals held?

The Mosaic Festival will be held at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose, CA. Keep up with our website so you can be the first to know where our next festivals will be held.

I love the arts. Is there any way I can help?

Definitely! You can connect with the community and immerse yourself with the different art and different cultures featured on the festival by volunteering. You can be an audience-facing, performer-facing, or vendor-facing volunteer and help out whenever you can.

Are Mosaic America events free?

The Mosaic Festival – Silicon Valley is free for ALL attendees, with the generous partnership of our funders and sponsors. To join our raffle, we invite you to RSVP at

How else can I participate?

Become a vendor, performer, or sponsor at the first Mosaic Festival – Silicon Valley!

Make a commitment to your local community and everyone who lives here. We’re happy to share our sponsorship packages with you or customize something that celebrates our missions and brands. Email for more info.

We love meeting fellow artists and performers and expanding our creative community. Email for more info on programming.

If you have wares and a brand to promote, come and meet thousands of folks from Silicon Valley and share your message and products with them. Email for more info.