Mosaic America’s mission is to activate social cohesion by connecting people to Place, history, and each other. We do this by first, identifying and authentically representing the community in place; catalyzing inclusion through participative and co-created expressions, and cultivating Belonging by consistent and purposeful multicultural gatherings.

We believe that the viable pathway to being an American today is to show up as we are; to keep and make place for each other, where none of us having to shed any part of our history, identity, or culture in order to “assimilate.” Our American stories now have to begin with authentic representation, where each new page is informed by an intent to understand and include, each chapter holds the promise of a shared future, and every new chapter delivers on it.

Mosaic America’s approach is informed by a deep appreciation of the need for cultural equity, which we believe is the key to driving solutions for the inequities in our society. We believe that creating models of inclusion and participation in spite of our differences, is a forward-looking approach to social innovation.

We do this through Mosaic Atlas

Thus, Mosaic America makes every effort to meet community where they are, connecting places to people, convening events with an at organizational venues. Our work weaves through the forgotten, remembered, and desired journeys in and of a specific Place, welcoming the community to co-create moments that are drawn from all our histories. We work with culture-bearers, local artists, and community leaders to identify, represent, and engage with cultures collaboratively, inclusively, exhaustively, and continually, to create a compelling vision of a shared future.

We do this through Mosaic Engage.