Mosaic Fellow – Taraneh Sarafzadeh

Taraneh was born and raised across Ohlone lands, known as the Bay Area, CA, with cultural and ancestral rivers confluencing from Iran, Philippines, and China. Taraneh is a student of embodiment, the arts, and the sacred, as a path to reclaim, heal, remember, and reimagine our way back to ourselves and to ways of being (individually and collectively) that are restorative, transformative, and liberatory. Taraneh is passionate about rituals of intercultural exchange, creation, and solidarity–believing in the power and strength in our diversity, celebrating our unique gifts, and uplifting arts in the spirit of collective care and compassion for each other and our planet.

Taraneh is honored to be named as a Mosaic Fellow and having spent 10+ years living and organizing for community wellness as previous owner/director of Be the Change in San Jose, she is forever grateful to the diversity of the San Jose community that has nurtured her in so many ways. Taraneh’s current focus is as a ritual artist/performer and embodiment teacher/facilitator, holding healing-centered movement spaces, 1:1 and in groups. She is also currently a dancer and producer with dance company Dancing Earth Creations.
– IG: @toembodylove